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Bike challenge

Martine's 550-mile Cycle Challenge

In September, Martine, Congo Action chairperson, embarked on a 550 miles cycle ride across Western France, to raise money for Our Kavumba primary school in the DRC.  Martine sums up her experience as follows:
The cycling challenge was 11 days of cycling from Bordeaux to the heart of Brittany, doing an average of 50 to 55 miles a day. This was the first time that I undertook such a long cycling ride, very much inspired by the thought of our school in the D R C, needing improvements. The cycling was made much tougher by the fact that we had to carry all our camping equipment, and bikes often felt overloaded. (see the picture for yourself).... We cycled along tranquil roads, rather flat to start with. But the going got more difficult as we arrived into the Vendee, and were hit by gusts of winds and torrential rains, and what felt like endless search for a campsite! The weather improved as we got into Brittany, but not the hills, which felt endless and very trying ! The great camaraderie and support from the group kept me going, in spite of legs often feeling like lead. I was determined to complete the challenge in good time, and to achieve what I had set out to do: we arrived in "Gouarec", central Brittany, with weary legs but smiling faces!
Throughout the whole of this challenge, I was greatly encouraged by the generous donations made to Congo Action, and the thought of  the great benefits that this will bring to the school.
Many heartfelt thanks to all for your support!
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