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CongoAction is a British charity working in Kivu Province in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Congo Action is offering support in the development of education, training and the relief of poverty in Kivu province, in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Our mission is to help the people of Congo help themselves by offering resources that they can use to improve the quality of their lives.
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Congo Action
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Reg. Charity No: 1088833
Another New Classroom
The school has become so popular that more space was needed so another new classroom is being build in time for the start of the September 2022 school year.

Fantastic news !
Issy's Beach Cleaning in Brighton brought us £600 in donations. ( As a result of her efforts , she has also gained her Duke of Edinburgh award).
Well done Issy, and a great Thank You to all those who have so kindly donated.

Congo Action & WT Congo
Joined Forces
Congo Action & WT Congo joined forces recently for a fund raising event in Rottingdean ( W..Sussex), organised by Worthing Lions . The raffle brought us £ 192.  All proceeds to go to the running of our school.

Beach Clean
30 hours of beach cleaning and volunteering on behalf of Congo Action.
Isobelle ( known as Issy ) age 13, has chosen to raise moneyfor the children of our Kavumba school in the DRC, as part of her Duke of Edinburgh award, and will be picking litter on the Brighton beach, together with her mum, for 30 hours for the next 3 months.

If you feel you can support Issy in her fund raising efforts, please make your donation through here ( marked Issy D.O.E)
Thank you.
The field
The field is a project financed by Congo Action, to help the teachers and their families as they do not receive salaries from the government. (this is general throughout the DRC for primary school teachers). The field has a surface area of 5500m2 (½ hectare) and belongs to the school. So far it is proving to be an excellent initiative, as it is very fertile and has a lot of potential. The first sowing which was done in August 2021 is now producing beans and sweetcorn. A second sowing is now being prepared. As can be seen from photos, they practice “polyculture”, mixing a variation of crops in the same area.

Women collecting beans

Mixed crop of sweet corn and beans

Men beating the bean pods to release the beans
Kavumba school
The brick building has now been finished with the last addition, the Director’s office, completed in August 2021.

Director's new office on left with the water tank which was provided by Congo Action

The children did not have a full Christmas holiday as they needed to catch up the time lost during the Covid lockdown. With no cases of Covid detected full attendance has resumed. Vital Kulimushi, our Congolese partner, continues his role as the liaison between the school and Congo Action.

The school children in their playground

Girls and boys in class

Left to right: Our DRC partner Vital, Safari Bundubundu, the headmaster and a representative of the Catholic co-ordination.
New Newsletter
Headmaster's office is becoming a reality!
A long awaited for building is becoming a reality at Kavumba school. We have now been able to raise sufficient funds to complete this project, which is going to be the headmaster office and teachers' meeting room. This gives a real boost to all the teaching staff who are teaching throughout the summer, to catch up with time lost during Covid.

Thank you to all our supporters who are making this work possible.

The Plans

The foundations are laid

The walls go up

Not long now...
Good News
Thanks to generous donations, we have managed to provide the school with very much needed desks, due to increase in numbers of pupils. Teachers and pupils are delighted with the results .

Thank you to all our supporters.

Disabled Group
We continue to work with disabled people, but no longer via Pere Andre, as he left the DRC to retire in Belgium some 5 years ago. Click here for up to date information on the Disabled Group.
We Have a Field!
With donations received from our friends and supporters, Congo Action has purchased a field for the benefit of Kavumba school. The land is currently under cultivation and also has the benefit of being planted with several banana trees.  We are confident that this new project will benefit the teachers and the school by providing them with a small income, hence more economic independence. It is a practical and achievable solution to gain revenues, in an area where people already have plenty of agricultural skills and knowledge.
 Thank you to all of you people for continuing to help and encourage us in our work.

Good News
for all our supporters
Our Kavumba primary school re-opened in mid-October after lock down since March. There are no known cases of Covid 19, neither at the school, not in the area, possibly thanks to the remoteness of the place, and very few visitors to the South Kivu region. All is well, and the children are eager to learn.
On their behalf, we renew our thanks to everyone who continue to support this worthwhile project.

Coronavirus in DRC
So far, the main site of infection is in Kinshasa, 3000Kms away from Bukavu, where we have our projects.. Vital Kulimushi, our main partner in Bukavu, has informed us that all the schools are closed, including of course our school in Kavumba. The travelling to and from the main town of Bukavu is restricted to people with a car, and with serious reasons to travel.

Kamembe airport, in nearby Rwanda is closed, and so are all the borders . It is difficult, if not nearly impossible to get basic supplies as all markets and shops are closed. People have to rely on agricultural products coming from inland, but transport is notoriously difficult, and of course this creates a further risk of infection.
On the positive side, The DRC managed to control the Ebola outbreak, so is better informed to face this new calamity.
Bukavu April 2020
A view of the main street in Bukavu, Kivu during the coronavirus pandemic. It is normally busling with people and vehicles.
Our Finished School!

September 2019. All six classrooms were duly completed in time for the start of the school year. The work is on-going as well as assisting the teachers in finding ways to become self-sufficient.

Kavumba School
When Kavumba School was built in 2007 wood was used but after years of attack by the climate and ants it is showing signs of serious disrepair. CongoAction is helping the community build a brick school, classroom by classroom!  Read Kavumba school's story...

Goal Achieved!
We are pleased to tell you that the school building project that Congo Action and WTC (Working together Congo) started in July 2018, has been completed on time for September, for the start of the academic year. This summer, we added another 3 new classrooms to the 3 already built last year: This constitutes 6 classrooms all together, representing a complete rebuilt of our Kavumba primary school, a very much needed operation due to the degradation of the original wooden school, built in 2006. Read More...

School Building Nearing Completion
The school building is nearing completion and will be ready for the start of the school term in September . We have achieved our goal, which was to build three new classrooms by the end of this summer. Thanks to all the hard work and dedication of the team of workers that we employed, the project has come to fruition, and the children will be very proud to start school in such favourable conditions..... A big THANK YOU also to all our regular supporters and generous donors who have made this work possible."  more photos...

Desks Being Made
Late July 2018     The desks are being put together from flat packs. They each seat two pupils which are much better than the original ones in the wooden classrooms which were continuous right across the room.     more photos...

Roof Going On
Late July 2018     The roof is being completed. The build is right on target for the start of the next school term which leaves only the final phase to raise the money for.           

Walls Going Up
July 2018.   The brick-layers are now hard at work...       photos...

It's All Happening!!
June 2018. It’s all happening! They are working on the foundations of Phase 2 this week.  

Fantastic News!
February 2018. We are happy to share with you some very exciting news:  Thanks to your donations and kind support, Congo Action is now able to go ahead with the second phase of rebuilding theKavumba primary school, which consists of three new brick classrooms being erected during the summer months. read more...

September 2017 - The first 3 classrooms now in use!

July 2017 - The walls of the first block are going up!

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