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Women's sewing

How we help
The ladies sewing groups are of great concern to Congo Action as they are run for women who want to earn an income of their own in order to send their children to school.

CongoAction was able to merge three sewing groups together for training and exchange of skills and materials. The same experienced teacher was then able to divide his time between the three groups.
CongoAction continues to raise funds so that workshops for the newly qualified ladies can be set up to teach them the skills needed to take an apprentice and pass on their skills.

Congo Action also received Funds from the Allan & Nesta Trust, and was able to invest in a new training programme , that, a year later resulted in a new workshop, run by our fully trained students.

Tailored clothes are still the most traditional way of dressing in the Congo, hence for a group to have a tailor shop is a sure way of achieving self sufficiency
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